The concept:
“MADEYULK”  Yeah, just like the game. The rules are simple. You hold the OK hand sign below your waist in an effort to get someone to look. If they look you get a free shot at them.  A while back a few of my friends and I started playing this game constantly. Surprisingly people everywhere and at every-age were familiar with this game and would reply with a “You got me! Ha ha ha ha!” To us this simple game has evolved into something more. An idea.
 The idea.
“MADEYULK” Its the idea of someone devoting a moment of their life to looking at  and acknowledging you. Whether it be the clothes you rock, to the tricks you land, the car you drive, or even the way you carry your self, Whatever your into, its all about being recognized. So if social recognition is name “MADEYULK” is our game.
 Let the games begin!

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