Random WTF awesomeness!

photo credit: unknown but thanks!


No Fucks Given!

They ever have and they never will……….Check them out.

Madeyulk at Blown Euros!

 Nice weather and sick euros. What a day it turned out to be. I met up with our featured photographer, “I am Ant” at a local shopping mall parking lot. From there we were then headed out on our journey to meet up with two other crews before reaching our final destination, the  Blown Euros GTG. 


We reached our destination with no problems, except for the minor pothole swerves and skid plate grinds.  With plenty of parking spaces open we were able to all line up and park together.


I have a list of essentials that I always try to remember to bring to a show,meet or GTG. They are as follows. MADEYULK stickers, sunglasses, camera, snacks and beverage of choice, cleaning supplies, tools, and a CHAIR. I always seem to forget the last Item on this list. So finally I came up with an awesome solution to this always reoccurring problem.

Yes that is my passenger seat. Mk3 and MK4 World you are welcome.

We  talked with a bunch of new friends handed and  handed out a ton of stickers. Then it was time to get to work.

After the gtg we cruised over to taco “hell” for a bite to eat. I learned that their regular size soda is MK3 cup holder approved for the driver’s side. There we had met a group of really cool dudes rocking shirts that said “No fucks given” from Buffalo Ny. If anyone knows their name or blog. Please shoot me the info.

The ride home was interesting. Vito decided to lead the way.

Two turnarounds later,one half of our group deciding to take the wrong bridge back to Jersey, and some one missing an exit, we found ourselves meeting back up at the Depford Mall. Photo shoot time!

Photo credit…..”I am Ant.”