Stop by and check this show out. It’s thrown by one of my good friends, REZA. Its always a good time. There are usually great giveaways, food, and hot girls.  Also for all you fellow VW/AUDI guys who havent gotten a software flash, Autobahn will be offering $100 off a  REVO software upgrade at the show. So get you asses on over there and get the hook up! So if you stop by or ever need anything,car audio or performance, tell Reza Lou from MADEYULK sent ya.

If you see me around the show, as usual Ill have MADEYULK stickers for sale. Look for the black mk3 vw golf on porsche wheels lurking around.



  After a week full of crap weather, I was itching to get out and do something. Earlier in the week I saw that there was a car show being held in Seaside heights, NJ. So I called up one of our photographers “SPILL” AKA Phil Eldred to see if he was available to take a ride to this show. He was both willing and able, so it was on.

  Saturday morning alarm goes off at 5:00am. I’m up and out the door by 5:30 headed to go finish up a few projects I wanted to get done on my car before the show.

  “SPILL” and I were to meet at 10.00am at my house. With all my small projects completed, the car washed, and my self showered it was exactly 10:00am. No “SPILL”……..10:15…..still nothing. Phone rings. I answer. ” Dude I fell back asleep, my bad!” Not a big deal. I’m itching to get outside so I cruse over to pick him up. 11:00 were on the road!

 After a detour to one of the worst  road work areas I’ve ever seen. We had arrived! Time to get to work.

Sick motor swaps and shaved bays seemed to be the honda trend.

Sickest Mazda Ive seen in person