Heat Wave- Summer in New Jersey


Recently this summer, record breaking heat waves have been tearing through the states causing many to flock to the beaches or stay indoors cooling down with their ac units. Living 20 miles away from the beach, secluded in the scorching hot woods, DarkFALL caught up with New Jersey natives Mike Angerman and Tony Fontana. They showed them how they and their crew spend their Sundays in 100 plus degree weather


Experience Dark Fall!!!

Experience Dark Fall, Alex DePhillipo’s first high definition surf film as he follows New Jersey’s best surfers as they tackle some of the best surf right in their own back yard as well as remote locations across the globe… This film gives a look at the lifestyle of a cold water surfer as well as the most prestigious time for a New Jersey surfer-Fall.

Featuring Dean Randazzo, Sam Hammer, Andrew Gesler, Zach Humphreys, Clay Pollioni, and many more in epic New Jersey and around the world. Music by The Parlor Mob, ASG, Jumpship, Chris Arena, Sabotoge Soundsytem, Bruce Springstein and more.
This is, hands down, the best surf video ever. It makes me proud to be a New Jersey surfer. It always gears me up for any session. Enjoy!