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So I was just trolling Facebook, looking for our next friends finds when I came across Joey Frank‘s Toyota Corolla  sittin on some work wheels! Needless to say this thing is ill. Check this out!

Illest Corolla Ive ever seen!

When Form Meets Function

Alex Siniari’s 2005 Blaze Orange Metalic Acura RSX Type S
What was your concept or reasoning behind the build? Was there a goal you had in creating the car?
 The concept of the car is to eventually be an SCCA Club Racer and to that end, I have upgraded many small components slowly. Right now, it is still daily driven so I haven’t gone all out, but as I move through each phase the car becomes a little more track ready. I have long term goals I am working towards (attending school at UTI and working for BMW) that will limit my freedom to modify the car, but the next phase is where I’ll start to become serious. That will include track worthy suspension and tires, a roll cage, harnesses and race seats. I also plan on running hotter cams and a stronger valve train and oiling system. I think in terms of cause and effect, I’ve had people tell me I over think the car and I take that as a compliment. Each bolt is torqued to spec and each modification is fully researched and all supporting modifications necessary are made. I started off making all the same mistakes that everyone else does but I took the time to learn and am taking the next step to truly educate myself. My RSX is the culmination of the years of experience I have turning wrenches.

Give us history on the car.  When did you get it?  How many different wheel sets have you gone through?  Did you have any  other plans that you decided not to go with?
  I have had the car for about two and half years now and have gone through three sets of wheels. I love the look of the VS-XX but the Desmond’s are much lighter. In the initial stages of planning, I thought about super charging the car but wasn’t sure if that would put me in a class where I wouldn’t stand a chance.

How did you come up with your color combo?
  I am a visual artist and I like stark contrast. I spent some times bombing walls in Philly so I like things that are eye catching in small doses, like breaking your neck going past a sick mural on a train. The natural choice would be orange and green, but I moved past using a color wheel in fifth grade.

Tell us about your awesome wheel choice?
  My friend Jeff Song helped me source my wheels and customized my Work wheels. Each set of wheels gives the car a certain demeanor. Steve at Checkers helped me come up with the intricate use of color on the Desmond’s; they are understated. I can’t tell you how many people walk right by the car and don’t notice the teal detail in the arches of the spokes or on the calipers. He helped me understand the value of subtle visual enhancements. The Work wheels are eye catching, but I am still running the right size wheel for the car. Not to use a cliché, but form follows function everywhere in my build. You can have both tastefully, but understanding that balance is an art form.

How  does your car affect your outlook on life?
  Working on my car has taught me a lot about life. I work with human trafficking victims at a youth shelter now and I deal with problems that I can’t fix. Most nights, I come home after a full day of work and work on my car or someone else’s because it grounds me. Again, balance is key. Also, you have to follow a proceedure and have self discapline. Wrenching builds up your inner strength because you have to finish what you start.

Is there any statement you would like to make with your car? Or any message you would hope people would take from your build?
  Work hard, explore all information available and pay close attention to the details. Make safety and function your priority, not message board trends.

Is there any thing else you’d like to mention?
The car would not be where it is today with out Steve Amadio from Checkers. I tore the entire car down to installed new suspension, a limited slip differential, axels, motor mounts and thousands of dollars worth of other parts in Checker’s. I monopolized the lift for the better part of a week and we were there until three or four in the morning most nights. Steve was always there to lend a hand and guide me when I’d get stuck. I have a shop at my house I work out of but having the lift was a huge help. Adrian and Anthony Agus are right at the top of the list, too. They came to Checkers with Travis and helped me install my LSD, which I hadn’t done before. I’ve known Adrian and Anthony for a long time, we’ve been through lots of street races and motor swaps together, they’re my brothers and someone I can call if I have a question.

Any shout-outs? 
  Of course none of this would be possible without the love and support of my wife, Ondrea. She inspires me to be a better person and encourages me to pursue my passion. Our loving dog Leo. My Mother and Father for all of their support and my wife’s family. Special thanks to my Father in Law, Gary Goranson.
Shout outs: Steve and the crew at Checkers, Jeff Song at Cacky Wheels, James at Car Toyz, Adrian Agus, Anothony Agus, Melqwan and Ibn, John Fleishman,JY and anyone else I forgot to mention.
Re-routed hood cable
Stratigecally placed razor blades
Pit Bull
Mugen Intake (grille cut for snorkle)
ARC Suction Tune (modified to fit with RBC)
RBC Manifold & Karcepts adapter (custom coated)
Hondata heat sheild
Euro Accord R cams
Hybrid Racing fuel rail
K-Tuned fuel pressure gauge
Earl’s fitting and shadow series steel braided line
RDX 410cc injectors
J’s Racing Valve cover/oil cap
Toda Race Header
Ingalls Torque Damper
Innovative 75a mount kit (front mount also)
GReddy SE exhaust
Greddy Oil Sandwich adapter
Spoon Sports oil pan (magnetic drain plug)
Hondata Kpro
PSPEC short shifter & shifter bushings(box&cables)
MTEC Ind Race Shifter Springs
Black CRSX shift knob (115)
Club RSX steel braided clutch line
Competition Stage 1.5 Clutch/Flywheel/Pressure Plate
Wavetrac LSD
Drive Shaft Shop 2.9 axels
Authentic Mugen front and rear strut tower bars (custom coated mirror black and aztec teal)
TEIN SS-P with Pillow Ball mounts
0857 Inverted Tie Rod Ends
J’s Racing Roll Center Adjusters
Integra Type R front sway bar
Toda rear sway bar
Hotchkis end links all around
Skunk 2 rear lower control arms(steel blue)
Beaks lower tie bar (custom coated)
Project Kics R26 lugs
17×8 +35 Desmond Regamaster Marquis Promada (custom coated, 5th spare wheel and tire)
17×8 +30 Work VS-XX (custom J’s racing teal)- Special thanks Jeff Song
Integra Type R brake ducts
Wilwood Dynalite BBK(custom powder coated)
Wilwood steel braided brake lines (front and rear)
Power slot rear rotors
Hawk HPS Pads
Motul DOT 4 brake fluid
Ceramic coated rear calipers (black)
Authentic Cwest front bumper(air dam painted House of Kolors Hot rod flat black)
Authentic Mugen Aero and mirror cover(rear center section and liscense plate recess painted House of Kolors Hot rod flat black)
Benen Tow hook with adapter (custom coated)
NRG hood dampers
Honda Access window visors
Honda Access Crystal Ion Fog light harness(on OEM front bumper)
6K Phillips 55W HIDs
Hella Ion high beams
Integra Type R tail lights (LED bulbs)
Front and rear Integra Type S badges
Integra Type S door sills
Black headliner
OEM all season floor matsStereo:
Pioneer Avic U310BT
From the looks of it there is probably more Alex forgot to mention. I know he’s got more parts in the mail, so im sure this isn’t the last you’ll see of Alex.