Bboy Rubberlegz & Ma-Li – Breakdance as an Artform Reel

Bboying at its best! Another breakdance-as-an-artform trailer representing Bboying (Breakdance) as a contemporary mix of art and dance. Bboy Rubberlegz and Bboy Ma-Li with their own expression of dance. Both specialists in crazy tricks and style combos!

also a must see video!

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Its amazing how our street culture all inter mixes with each other. From “skate rock” to “surf art.” From “street art” to “street skating.” From “Video Games” to…………….”X-games?” Well you get the point.  Just check out this sick video.




 A true feast for the eyes and ears of music lovers everywhere, this project was developed by Sydney-based web technologist Cameron Adams to give the general public a better understanding of the minute details and nuances that go into constructing a complex mashup from tiny pieces of songs. Using “Definitive Daft Punk”, a 7-minute mashup that he created himself based off Daft Punk’s complete discography, Adams exposes the entire structure of the 23-song piece, revealing everything from the cutting and layering to levels and equalization

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Death Cab For Cutie’s “Home Is A Fire,” video by Shepard Fairey and Nicholas Harmer

Boing Boing presents the premier of Death Cab for Cutie’s “Home is a Fire”

from the album Codes And Keys, available May 31, 2011 on Atlantic Records

Video concept by: Shepard Fairey and Nicholas Harmer

Cameras and collaboration: Tarin Anderson, Todd Mazer, Justin

Mitchell and Aaron Stewart-Ahn

Additional support: John Lang, Brian Udovich

Edited by: Christopher Hills-Wright

For more about the video: