In this photo is Ryan G Hall of and his dope mk1!

Photo credit:  I. McCarthy photography




What up Dog!


I just realized that most of you probably have no idea what FREEBOARDING even is. Well here is a video of the freeboard team showing you what its all about.


Its amazing how our street culture all inter mixes with each other. From “skate rock” to “surf art.” From “street art” to “street skating.” From “Video Games” to…………….”X-games?” Well you get the point.  Just check out this sick video.


Epic tarp surfing!

What do you do when the surf goes flat? Grab some blue roofing tarp and hit the parking lot. Get ready for the deepest barrels you’ll ever get in Jersey.


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The long boards  used for this video were from, Jaseboards. They are having a contest right now to win 2 FREE boards, and it’s pretty simple to enter 🙂
Here’s the link to enter

Also, the sunglasses used are from Proof glasses. They are made out of all wood, the real deal!! 🙂
You can check them out here.

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I always wondered, what would happen if you could combine surfing ,skateboarding,and snowboarding?

Thanks to my good friend JP, feature photographer, v dub enthusiast, all around shredder,and FLOW HOUSE team rider. This fantasy of mine will be coming together very soon.  STAY TUNED!!!