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Andreas Heikaus takes Mario to the streets with an emphasis on the process of matching CG elements into live-action footage.
Andreas says, “This video was part of my Bachelor thesis at the University of Applied science and art Hannover. The Super Mario Bros. game, released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, is not longer bound to the television size and get interactive with a new environment. The emphasis of my thesis is on the matchmoving work. It is the process of matching CG elements into live-action footage.”

Here is how he pulled it off!

Incredible could this could lead to a Real D-Hd gaming?

White iphone4?

Since the initial announcement of the iPhone 4, many users have been clenching onto the opportunity of purchasing the elusive white variant. Plagued by manufacturing challenges such as peeling paint and bleeding of light, Apple has apparently managed to remedy those causes. According to Bloomberg, multiple sources have gleaned information that point to a release within the coming weeks for both carriers, but Ive heard talks of I phone 5 just around the corner. Is the white one even worth it?