I would like to thank everyone who showed up for the cruise. It was an awesome turn out. Enjoy!

Photos Credit: SPILLLLLL!

MADEYULK@Cult Classic

I am so happy my friends Bryan and Dan invited me to this show. I had spent all day saturday surfing perfect chest high barrels at Ventnor pier. By the end of the day I was pretty sunburnt and sore. I had intentions of surfing again on Sunday, but after coming home to invites to Cult Classic, my plans quickly changed. I quickly started networking invites, posts and calls to put together a cruise to the show. I failed miserably.

We are now going to  sum up the ride there.Bryan and I met at our usual get-together spot.After some casual checking out each others cars we were off to meet up with Dan at our second meet up point, the  Depford mall. 5 min later I find my self being pulled over and given a warning for air fresheners.  Bryan keeps going. Met back up with Bryan. His excuse,”You know how that goes?!” Some potholes. Met up with Dan. Some more potholes.  Found out Dan doesn’t have EZ-PASS.  WaWa.  Parked. Photo Time!



There was too many photos for me to even choose what to post. Please check out the rest of thes photos in the gallery. Enjoy!





Let me start by saying this meet was sick, The quality of cars was awesome. Everyone was really cool. I cannot wait to go back. I would also like to take a second to apologize to anyone whose cars I took pictures of that are not up. Our feature photographers all had prior engagements and could not roll out with me.  I did what I could with my little digital camera. The quality of these photos are not the best and for that I apologize. We will be rolling out in full force the next time. Enjoy.




I just so happened to stumble upon this today. Another sick northeast crew has come up with a killer idea. They are holding an online car show. Help these guys out and show them some love.Post em up! Jersey and MADEYULK represent!  Heres all the info as taken from their Facebook page. is proud to host (the first ever?) worldwide online car show that goes on all day, ERRRRday for the whole month of June!
Tell your friends to tell 5 friends. Let’s get the biggest virtual car show going!
Post it on forums to blow this event UP!*** SUBMIT YOUR PICTURES ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE @